Saudi arrests man for allegedly helping non-Muslim reporter enter Mecca


By Aluta News

July 22, 2022

A person who allegedly facilitated entry of a non-Muslim journalist into the Islamic holy city of Mecca, in violation of ban on non-Muslims, has been arrested.

Saudi Arabian officials announced on Friday that the Israeli journalist, Gil Tamari, who was in Saudi Arabia to cover U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent visit there, took advantage of being in the kingdom, sneaked into Mecca, drove around and recorded a segment for Channel 13 News.

The broadcast triggered an outcry and a warning that it could damage a perceived thaw between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Saudi Arabia, Islam’s birthplace, does not recognise Israel.

A spokesperson for the Mecca Police said a Saudi citizen had been arrested and referred to public prosecutors.

“He (the citizen) had transported and facilitated the non-Muslim journalist, who holds  American citizenship, into the sacred capital (Mecca) through a path designated for Muslims, in clear violation of regulations.

“All arrivals in the kingdom have to respect and abide by regulations, especially those related to the holy sites.

“ Any violation will be considered a crime that will not be tolerated,” the police official said.

The official said that the case of the reporter “who had perpetrated the crime” was also sent to public prosecution.

Mecca is home to the Kaaba, Islam’s holiest site, housed in the Grand Mosque.

The spokesperson said Tamari was seen in a broadcast driving around Mecca’s Grand Mosque and ignoring street signs of ban directed at “non-Muslims.