Enhanced Security Measures Crucial for Public Safety, Education Minister Says at Peace Corps Anniversary Event”


“Enhanced Security Measures Crucial for Public Safety, Education Minister Says at Peace Corps Anniversary Event”

By Aluta News
July 11, 2024

Professor Tahir Mamman, the Minister of Education, has urged for a third layer of security to complement the efforts of the military and other security agencies in addressing Nigeria’s mounting insecurity challenges. He emphasized the critical need for a Third Line Security approach to public safety, particularly in the face of increasingly diverse and widespread security threats.

Speaking at the Peace Corps of Nigeria’s 26th Founders Day celebration in Abuja, the Minister acknowledged the severe security challenges the country has faced in the past decade, including loss of lives, school closures, kidnappings, and abductions of students and teachers, as well as attacks on security personnel. He stressed the importance of a comprehensive security strategy to address these issues and ensure the safety of citizens.”

“Despite significant funding, security challenges persist, and innovative solutions are crucial. Collaborative approaches, like partnering with private security outfits like the Peace Corps, are essential to complement public security efforts. The concept of a ‘third line’ security is vital, serving as a strategic partner in ensuring public safety, not just an auxiliary force.

According to him the Federal Ministry of Education has made progress in securing schools through the Safe School Initiative, launched in 2016, with the support of foreign partners and school owners. This initiative has significantly reduced security breaches in schools over the past few years. The Minister emphasized the importance of continued collaboration to address the complex security challenges facing the nation.”

“The Education boss commended the Peace Corps of Nigeria for their dedication to security and excellence, stating that the Federal Ministry of Education looks forward to collaborating with them to achieve greater success. He praised the organization’s commitment to innovation, partnership, and excellence, setting a high standard for others in the industry.

He expressed optimism about the future, emphasizing the importance of building a safer and more secure Nigeria where children can learn and thrive without fear. He also acknowledged the National Commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Dr. Dickson Ameh Akoh, for his leadership and resilience in the face of challenges, and his unwavering commitment to ensuring the security of lives and property.

The Minister’s remarks were made during the celebration of the Peace Corps of Nigeria’s 26th Founders Day, highlighting the organization’s achievements and their potential to contribute to the country’s security efforts.”


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