WORKERS’ FATE HANGS IN THE BALANCE! Labour Union and President Tinubu in Make-or-Break Minimum Wage Talks



WORKERS’ FATE HANGS IN THE BALANCE! Labour Union and President Tinubu in Make-or-Break Minimum Wage Talks

By Gambo Jagindi
July 11, 2024

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is set to meet with President Bola Tinubu at the State House in Abuja today, Thursday, to negotiate a new minimum wage. The NLC has reiterated its demand for a minimum wage of N250,000, citing the increasing cost of living.

According to Benson Upah, the NLC’s Head of Public Affairs, the union has been reasonable and patriotic in its proposal, considering the current economic conditions.
“We are committed to our demand of N250,000, despite the rising cost of living,” Upah emphasized.

The meeting with President Tinubu is a follow-up to his promise to engage in further consultations with stakeholders on the minimum wage. Labour leaders are determined to secure a fair wage for workers, and today’s meeting is expected to be a crucial step in this process.”

Aluta News reports that labour union has temporarily called off its nationwide strike, which had crippled critical sectors such as airports, hospitals, banks, and the national grid, as well as the National Assembly and state assemblies’ complexes. The industrial action was suspended following a meeting between labour leaders and top government officials, who pledged to increase their offer on the minimum wage.

The strike was a result of the union’s demands for a higher minimum wage, which was not met by the government’s initial offer. President Bola Tinubu had set up a tripartite committee in January to negotiate a new minimum wage, comprising representatives from the Organised Labour, federal and state governments, and the Organised Private Sector (OPS).

The Minimum Wage Act of 2019 was set to expire in April 2024, prompting the need for a new agreement. The labour union is seeking a minimum wage of N250,000, while the government’s offer is still below that figure. The suspension of the strike provides a temporary reprieve, but the negotiations are far from over.”


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