JNI felicitates Nigerian Muslims on new Islamic year


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The Jama’atu Nasril Islam(JNI), on Sunday  facilitated Nigerian Muslims on the  commencement of the new Islamic year, 1446 AH.
The felicitation is contained in a statement issued by JNI Secretary General, Prof. Khalid Aliyu in Kaduna.
Aliyu said , “JNI National Headquarters felicitates the Nigerian Muslim Ummah, on the inception of the new Hijrah Calendar.
“We particularly wish the President-General, JNI, Sultan of Sokoto,  Sa’ad Abubakar, and all his lieutenants across the country a prosperous 1446 Hijrah year, Allah’s guidance and protection.
”JNI  calls on the Muslims to in spite  of the daunting challenges bedeviling us remain God-fearing and committed to the worship of Allah, be law-abiding at all times, peaceful and industrious.
” While political leaders across board should always remember that there’s the actual day of accountability over their stewardship.”
He said there was the  need to be introspective, sincere, honest and committed to better the lives of the Nigerian citizens.
According to him,  tangible and realistic policies should be matched with words and actions.
Aliyu said, ”Not the other way round, that has left millions of Nigerians in penury and despair. The Muslims should be  good ambassadors of Islam.
“The media and other stakeholders in the Nigerian project should always remain introspective in their reportage of events in Nigeria.
” We should always eschew “them against us” reportage. Nevertheless, the Nigerian Muslim Ummah is urged to continuously seek for Allah’s forgiveness, guidance and protection.
”However, we must not forget that the Tasu’a and ‘Ashura fasting, which falls on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th Muharram 1446AH  and July 15-16th July, are Prophetic acts worthy of emulation.
”JNI, therefore, counsels on the observance of the voluntary fasting of Tasu’a and ‘Ashura which the Prophet (SAW) strongly urges Muslims to undertake.
”This is particularly crucial now that Nigeria is enmeshed in numerous challenges, hence the need to call for the supreme intervention through devotions.”
Aliyu urged the Muslims not to lose hope in spite of the trying moments, saying, ”for Allah, the eternally merciful assures us of His relief in the Glorious Qur’an.”
Aliyu said  the political leaders and all other stakeholders in the Nigerian project should be very much worried over the happenings in Nigeria, and should be pragmatic in addressing them.
“We are implored to as usual pray fervently for the restoration of peace,
 security, stability and development of our country, particularly that the new wave of insecurity in Nigeria is seemingly defying all strategies.
 “May God almighty make the New Hijrah Year a source of abundant blessings and prosperity to us all in particular and the entire Muslim Ummah the world over,”Aliyu said.
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