Police Recruitment: Corruption allegation against PSC diversionary — Union


Aluta News

The Chairman of the Union, Mr Augustine Adoyi said this while addressing newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

The Nigeria Police had alleged irregularities and corruption in the list of successful candidates released by the PSC for the 2022/23 batch of Constables recruited into the Nigeria Police Force.

Adoyi said the allegations were unfounded, spurious, and speculative and did not follow the official channel of communication.

He said it was a deliberate effort by the police to divert the attention of the public from their failure to open Police Training Schools for the successful recruits.

“The allegation of fraud leveled against the commission is a deliberate effort to divert attention of the public from the real issues at hand.

“The Nigeria Police Force seeks to leverage on this allegation to divert attention from their non-preparedness to open the Police Training schools, in spite of availability of funds for the exercise.

“Their unwillingness to deploy funds as appropriated for the training schools must be investigated,” he said.

The union chairman urged the Nigeria Police to come clean and submit itself for accountability and probity.

He said the commission had it in good authority that the training schools were not in good condition to receive and accommodate the recruits for training.

Adoyi said the allegation of corruption and irregularities against the commission were baseless, the selection process was conducted using comprehensive criteria, including Computer-based Test (CBT).

He said gender inclusivity and sensitivity as well as Federal Character were put in place to ensure a fair, inclusive and merit based recruitment.

The chairman called for a forensic review of both the commission’s list and the one the Nigeria Police sought to foist on the recruitment board.

“This will help to ascertain the veracity of the allegation and determine where the truth lies,” he said.


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