Hardship: Fashola urges Lagos Assembly to review tenancy law


Aluta News

The former governor of Lagos State has urged the state House of Assembly to review the state’s tenancy law to compel landlords in the state to collect six months rents.

Mr Babatunde Fashola made this known to newsmen at a Gala Night in commemoration of 25 years of unbroken democratic governance in Nigeria organised by the Lagos State House of Assembly in Lagos Wednesday night.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that the Tenancy Law was signed by Fashola in August 2011 to enable landlords in the state to collect one year rent from new tenants.

Fashola, however, said that due to the present economic challenges, the assembly should review the tenancy law to protect tenants from shylock landlords.

“We are using this law to protect landlords and citizens from shylock landlords.

“I remembered that this House once started by reducing the tenancy agreement from three years to one year which had its impact.

“At this time of economic challenges and cost of living issue, I think we can go back to the tenancy agreement where landlords should be compelled to collect three months to six months’ rent. This will help in no small way,” he said.

Fashion noted that skits and videos abound where landlords knock at people’s doors and parents would hide and tell their children to tell the landlord that they are not at home.

He urged the legislators to look into the tenancy rate issue.

On the issue of Federation, Fashola, the former minister of works, said Nigeria has levels of government exercising different forms of responsibilities.

“The National Assembly cannot make laws for landlords and tenants and on rent control because it is the jurisdiction of each state,” he said.


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