Gov. Alia calls for peace among Benue communities.


Gov. Alia calls for peace among Benue communities.

By Bridget Ikyado

Benue communities have been called upon to live in and promote peace among themselves and with other neighboring people around them.

The State governor, Rev Fr Dr Hyacinth Iormem Alia made the call while speaking at Igede Agba, a new yam festival of Igede people of the state at Oju.

Igede-agba yam festival is a yearly celebration at which the Igede nation thanks God for a bumper harvest before officially commencing eating the new yam.

The governor who pointed out that, “conflicts such as the recent one between Oju and Ibilla do not only cause distress and sufferings but also hinder progress and development, appealed
to Urge people to live in harmony and promote peace to build a better society for themselves and their families”.

The Governor disclosed that the Benue State boundary committee will soon start work to appropriately demarcate areas of conflicts in the state so the people can live in peace.

“I saluted the sense of reasoning that brings the Igede people together annually to interact with one another and also harness ideas for the progress and development of their community”.

Governor Alia said, “I am mindful of my campaign promises to you and will do all within my power to address the state of deplorable road network in Igede land.

He thanked the former First Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan for honoring Benue State with her presence at the occasion

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