Investment: Africa needs stability, economic development – SGF


By Aluta News

Sept 4, 2023

occupied by Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt on the list of 40 fastest growing economies in the world.

This, according to him, is a clear indication that African countries still have a long way to go in growing their economies in order to impact positively on the overall development of the continent.

“A closer look at Africa indicates that the continent have to rest on endemic poverty, low technology capacity, over dependence on imports, minimum value change for natural resources amongst others.

“These have made Africa to be jumping around for all types of inferior quality goods and service,” he said.

Olotu noted that the African situation was further compounded by the political instability, insurgency and other security challenges as well as the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

These, he said, have impacted negatively on economic growth and regional development in the continent, adding that the African leaders could develop and implement viable strategies that would enhance economic growth and development in the continent.

He urged participants to pay attention to the lecture and thereafter evaluate how their services and organisations could better contribute to society, particularly on the issues surrounding economic growth and regional development.


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