David Yinaga Ager in a unique piece praises Commissioner in Benue


David Yinaga Ager in a unique piece praises Commissioner in Benue

By Aluta News

It is no longer strange that,there are several factors a Governor would consider when appointing his Cabinet, the formal and informal rules that determines who is eligible and qualified for inclusion in cabinets, emphasizing that cabinets are formed as teams, with age and qualifications playing vital roles, involving experiential criteria is political experience and policy expertise.


In consideration to
affiliational criteria which is membership in a selector’s personal network of friendship, trust, loyalty, and representational criteria which is membership in a relevant political, territorial, or social group, and also the concept of “Merit” as a qualifying criterion for cabinet appointment.

By virtue of the governor’s position as the chief executive of the state the commissioners appointment is expected to end on the desk of the

Rev.Fr.Dr.Hyacinth Alia,the executive governor of Benue state understands the direction the present administration is facing and knows who fits in that trajectory, as His Excellency President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, has said he would want to assemble professional brains of men and women full of energy who are capable and vibrant with lucent knowledge of the workings of government to help him deliver on his mandate.

So, it is our hope and believe that our governor would not have looked far away because he has someone at his disposal in the person of Rev.Dr. Fredrick LANSHIMA IKYAAN who is well equipped with the requisite knowledge and understands the Benue political terrain, he knows the fine details of job responsibilities with sound understanding of the complexities of politics and would combine the job and politics effortlessly.

As a man who is religiously inclined,he will be proactive and pragmatic in the discharge of his official functions with the fear of God and combination of party politics to lessen the responsibility of party engagements on the shoulders of our executive Governor.

Pastor Ikyaan, is a people and result oriented personality with proven credence of broad-minded leadership, hence he will build a commissioner leadership framework that will be on relational contracts which will foster long-time collaboration and contact with other Zones in the State, where development and actions will be structured, dividends sustained, and regulated, to be accessible and accountable for the general good of the people.

As a formal DG, campaign organization in the last General election Dr.Ikyaan has a strong political bond with Benue people across all Zones, to keep the party afloat and to sustain the structure for future success in elections, he will use his commissioners position to create synergy between political appointees in the State and elected office holders on the platform of the party to stimulate and engage party men and women in programmes that will meaningfully impact their lives.

Undoubtedly, some people may have misgivings about his commissioner nomination due to sectional sentiments and individual expectations, but people should expect an all-inclusive future under the skillful leadership of Dr. Fredrick LANSHIMA IKYAAN because he will install a new order of leadership that will attract enormous development to all parts of the State regardless of our zonal and cultural diversity.

Dr. Ikyaan will strike a great degree of balance between politics, qualification, age and professional expertise, hence a perfect fit.

His Excellency Rev.Fr.Dr.Hyacinth Iormem Alia in his wisdom inaugurated Rev. Dr.Fredrick Ikyaan as Commissioner for Education and Knowledge Management, it is hoped that he will explore other opportunities to serve and add immense value in the educational sector and to the current administration of His Excellency Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia and the party.

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