Bluesky Real Auto Home Unveils New Products to Make Car Acquisition Much Easier For Nigerians


Bluesky Real Auto Home Unveils New Products to Make Car Acquisition Much Easier For Nigerians

By Aluta News
August 17, 2023

A new automotive trading company, Bluesky Real Auto Home Limited has announced some products offerings aimed to meet the growing needs of automobile consumers in Nigeria

This was disclosed by Alhaji Salihu Al-Amin, the General Manager of Bluesky Real Auto Home Limited at the inauguration of its management team on Monday in Abuja

According to Al-Amin, the company was incorporated since 2021 as a limited liability company and now out with a new innovations to bridge the gap between the vehicle manufacturers and the consumers

He pledged that the company will make car ownership dreams of lots of people come true and will remain its major imperative.

To achieve this, the company has partnered with some banks and fintechs to provide vehicle financing services to both consumers and car dealers much easier.

Bluesky Real Auto Home is set to supply both brand new and foreign used vehicles like Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Range Rover, BMW, Hyundai , Volkswagen etc to their end users in Nigerian

According to the Bluesky boss, the vision of the company is to revolutionize ownership of automobile through a unique mortgage system

The company mission is to ease ownership of automobile for individuals and corporate bodies through secure payment plans, He said

He explained that during President Tinubu Inaugural speech, promised to return Nigeria to a credit regime as being practice in advance society as a panacea to frontally address the hydra headed corruption prevalent in public service and other facets of our national life

Furthermore, the company said its institutional and corporate sales will cater to corporate and government institutions by solving issues around fleet liquidation and valuation as well as supply while adding value to their automotive needs and unlocking new levers of growth and productivity.

The Bluesky General Manager, Alhaji Al-Amin, also said that the company instalment payment scheme has Suitable insurance cover with NICON Insurance and will continue to make efforts to solve the challenges across the automotive value chain from new, to used, logistics, aftermarket and repair services and scrap vehicles while the business continues to grow on the back of innovation and technology.

The following experience management inaugurated by Dr Dickson Akoh , chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Bluesky Real Auto Home Limited,

Salihu Al-Amin, General Manager, Alex Oketa Esq Company Secretary aswell legal adviser , Omolola Ahmed Assistant General Manager Finance and 12 others officers

“We are confident in our ability to deliver and the strength of our mission to enable automotive trade across the country and continent, Alex Oketa Said




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