Celebrating a great achiever, Dr, Mrs Elizabeth Jack-Rich @30

Dr Elizabeth Jack-Rich

Celebrating a great achiever, Dr, Mrs Elizabeth Jack-Rich @30

By Comrade Gambo Jagindi
May 23, 2023

From the old ancient town of Owoh, Ondo State, precisely on May 18, 1993, a healthy baby girl emerged, Elizabeth Itunnuayo, whose cry was hilariously sweet, echoed and lit up the lives of a Jewish-Nigerian couple,…

30 years down the road, the world has gathered to celebrate this rare Amazon, a delectable beauty queen with matching brains, a kind and ambitious woman, whose goal is to impact humanity by improving the lives of the less privileged, contributing to global social and economic development, and supporting Nigeria’s political growth.

The Harvard graduate, and wife of oil magnate and philanthropist, Tein Jack-Rich, made headlines in April 2020, when she became the first African woman to be featured on the cover of the 2020 World Finance Spring Magazine.

Her vision to add value to humanity remains rekindled with her husband’s unending passion to improve the lives of striving individuals.

This led to the creation of Elizabeth Jack Rich Aid Foundation (EJRAF) IN 2017, a non profit organisation, which has touched many lives and changed them for the better.

This is anchored on her belief often expressed in her husband’s words: “God has blessed me to impact on my generation’’.

It is therefore, not a surprise when prominent Nigerians, including a revered Yoruba Royal Father, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who considers Elizabeth his daughter, have so many intriguing things to say about her.

The paramount Yoruba King, who took to Instagram to share photos of the ex-beauty queen, when she turned 29 last year, described Elizabeth as a jewel, who he is proud to call his own, and grateful to have as a child.

Sharing her photos on social media, the Ooni said: “The greatest joy in life is having a jewel as a child, whom you can call your own in your thoughts, words, and deeds!! I’m eternally grateful for having you as a child, Dr. Elizabeth Itunnuayo Rich-Jack.

“As your birthday comes with incredible hidden stories of challenges and excellence, I celebrate your tenacity, your unrivalled and admirable courage, and most importantly, your selfless dedication to compassion for others.

“It is truly worthy to celebrate you every day as a shining light to many around you, a beacon of hope, and a torchbearer of inspiration with positive energy to others, especially our young women. You are a wonderful mother and wife to your darling husband, Tein Jack-Rich with a supernormal giving heart, and above all, an adorable daughter to me.

“May the Eledumare shower his matchless splendour and grace upon you throughout this treasured day, with immeasurable gifts. Lots of love from me.’’

Extolling the virtues of his wife, Jack-Rich said his wife is being celebrated as an instrument to gather Nigerians in leadership and persons from all walks of life, to share love and break bread.

He said: “I am greatly honoured and privileged to say that it came as an occasion of good tidings to continue to speak to Nigerians at home and abroad, sharing the need for a new dawn in our great Country.

“Your service to humanity shall fetch the needed cohesion for a rebirth, and to achieve public good.’’

And is his usual selflessness and love to humanity and country, Jack-Rich envisions his wife’s birthday celebration as a tool for cohesion, unity and sharing of love.

“As your birthday throws the smiles of a new beginning needed for a prosperous and more sustainable future, under cutting-edge visionary leadership, participants shall leave fulfilled.

“I am sure your birthday celebration shall usher in that hope for secured peace, renewed hope for the less opportune, supplies for the good and advancement of society,’’ he said.

For obvious reasons, many women would wish to be as lucky as she is in life, if not for anything, but the fact that her husband, Tein Jack-Rich, is a billionaire oil baron, and founder of Belema Oil Producing Limited.

But unlike many other women of her status, Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich has refused to be a “trophy wife.”

Born to Jewish Nigerian parents, like her husband, Jack Rich, Elizabeth is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and business mogul.

The mother of two has established organisations that have grown into conglomerates, with footprints across West Africa and the U.S,.

Her investment portfolio touches several facets of the Nigerian society, drawing on its core operating values of integrity, mutual respect, customer service, innovation and safety.

In fact, the couple has been a great inspiration to many youngsters, and are being discussed as a template for a successful and happy marriage. Their union, according to those close to them, continues to inspire many that are hoping to find a lasting union.

Elizabeth on her part, is the Chief Executive Officer of EJRAF, an organisation with the vision to empower youths and women, eradicate poverty, promote education, health and financial inclusion, whilst preventing child and drug abuse in underserved communities of Nigeria.

She is a product of University of Applied Science and Management, Port-Novo, the University of Cambridge, UK, and the Harvard University.

Elizabeth also heads Elin Group Limited, a Lagos based consortium with a branch in the U.S, and with diverse investments in Real Estate development, Power Generation, Agricultural Development, Gas utilisation, Mining Operations, Maritime and Aviation.

Her vision to add value to humanity is therefore, aligned with her husband’s unending passion to improve the lives of striving individuals.

Jack-Rich, a frontline presidential aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), during the 2023 elections, believes that one of the ways to ensure a peaceful, economically and socially viable country is effective engagement of youths, and which is key to tackling insecurity and other social vices, that could hinder the growth and development of any nation.

The philanthropist, who also understands that leadership is strategic and visionary, and entails planning for the future where the young population can be converted into the economic value chain and provide the right solution in dealing with social issues, has introduced so many projects that have impacted positively on the youths.

Comrade Gambo Jagindi, Publisher, CEO of Aluta News, writes from Abuja via jagindi2016@gmail.com