Army dismisses killer soldiers, hands over to police for prosecution


By Aluta News

Aug 27, 2022

The 241 RECCE Battalion of the Nigerian Army on Saturday dismissed John Gabriel and Lance Cpl Adamu Gideon who allegedly killed an Islamic scholar, Sheikh Goni Aisami, in Yobe.

Lt. Col. Ibrahim Osabo, Ag Commanding Officer of the Battalion, Nguru, Yobe, disclosed this to newsmen shortly after the suspects were de-kited in Nguru.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the suspects were reduced from Lance Corporal to private soldiers before they were dismissed.

“You are all aware of what happened a week ago where the two service personnel of this unit went out and committed atrocity and the Nigerian Police personnel arrested them.

Thanks to Almighty Allah we are able to do the needful. We initiated military police investigation together with the Nigerian Police.

“The outcome of the investigation gave us the latitude to sanction the suspects accordingly and they are now officially dismissed regiment from the Nigerian Army,” Osabo said.

He added that the dismissed men would be handed officially to the Nigeria Police to face civil prosecution.

“We are taking them to our Sector Headquarters in Damaturu, the Sector Commander will then officially hand them over to the Nigeria Police to face civil prosecution. They no longer represent Nigerian Army,” he added.

Commanding Officer condemned their actions and said it was not a true reflection of the Nigerian Army personnel.

“I want to assure you that we are law abiding citizens and we are ready to dispense justice on anybody who is found wanting, irrespective of position or rank,” he also said.