Niger State Mining Tragedy: Federation Pledges to Hold Companies Accountable


Niger State Mining Tragedy: Federation Pledges to Hold Companies Accountable

By Aluta News

Thursday, June 21, 2024

Minna, Niger State – An emergency meeting was convened yesterday to address the recent mining pit collapse and drowning incidents in Niger State, which resulted in loss of lives and injuries.

According to a communiqué signed by Habibu Wushishi, State Coordinator and National Co-chair of the Federation of Nigerian Mining Host Communities, and Mohammed Mohammed (M2), State Secretary of the Federation, the organization has resolved to:

– Collaborate with the state government to identify and support affected victims
– Investigate companies’ licenses and lease permits
– Determine host community employment
– Hold companies accountable for the tragedy
– Take measures to minimize future occurrences

The federation’s move comes as a response to the tragic incidents that have raised concerns about mining operations in the state. The organization is determined to ensure that justice is served and that measures are put in place to prevent such tragedies in the future

The federation has resolved to take decisive action following the mining pit collapse at Galadiman Kogo, which claimed multiple lives. After thorough deliberations, the federation has vowed to:

– Collaborate with the Mines Workers Union, Ministry of Mineral Resources, and other stakeholders to identify victims and determine if they were host community members employed by the company.
– If culpable, the federation will seek assistance from Global Rights to push for a thorough investigation, prosecution of Africa Minerals and Logistics Limited’s management, and compensation for victims to serve as a deterrent.
– Partner with the Mines Workers Union to conduct physical sensitization and enlightenment programs in host communities, promoting awareness and safety.

The federation is determined to ensure justice for the victims and prevent future tragedies in Niger State’s mining industry.

the federation has resolved to,
– Embark on courtesy visits to first-class traditional and religious leaders, as well as relevant stakeholders, to raise awareness about the dangers of mining and the need for collective action to prevent future incidents.
– Utilize local media platforms, including town criers and artists, for enlightenment and sensitization.

The federation has also expressed appreciation for the support and solidarity received from:

– Honorable Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Mr. Dele Alake, and officials from the ministry.
– Special Assistant on Community Engagement, Emily Ofodile.
– Country Director of Global Rights, Abiodun Bayewu, and the entire Global Rights team, for their guidance and encouragement during the difficult period.

The federation is committed to working together with stakeholders to ensure a safer future for the state mining industry.


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