FIFA Ranking: Nigeria drops from 30th to 38th position


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According to the ranking table released by the world football governing body on Thursday, Nigeria dropped from 1,520.27 points it had in April to 1,498.93.

The drop on the global stage also reflected on the continental stage as the Nigerian team also dropped from the 3rd position to the 5th behind Morocco, Senegal, Egypt and Cote d ‘Ivoire.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Eagles played a 1-1 draw against Bafana Bafana of South Africa in Uyo, and suffered a 2-1 defeat to Benin Republic in Abidjan, Cote d`Ivoire.

On the global scene, no fewer than 187 national team bouts have been contested since the last ranking in April, and the throng of changes in the latest standings comes as no surprise.

The top three, however, remain unshakeable. Argentina (1st) retains their place at the summit, with France (2nd) and Belgium (3rd) hot on their heels.

But there is movement behind them, as Brazil (4th, up 1) and England (5th, down 1) swap places.

Portugal (6th), the Netherlands (7th) and Spain (8th) consolidated  their spots in the top 10, while  Croatia (9th, up 1) overtook Italy (10th, down 1), which nonetheless held onto a place among the leading pack.


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