First Lady enjoins military to tackle security challenges in Nigeria


By Aluta News

Nov. 9, 2023

The First Lady, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu, on Thursday in Abuja, charged the leadership of the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) to fasten their belt in meeting up with the security challenges in the country.

The first lady gave this advice in her address, read by Hajia Nana Shettima, at the Defence Headquarter’s one-day Gender Mainstreaming Conference with the theme “building capacity through gender mainstreaming to meet security challenges”.

Oluremi, commending the leadership of the AFN for organising the programme, also acknowledged that the event was timely in view of several security challenges facing the country.

She said “The theme is apt because it is about shaping a safer, better and more equitable world for all and I commend the leadership of the AFN for accepting the gender mainstreaming concept in line with the Global Best Practice and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

“This conference has been designed to deepen the concept among the armed forces, encouraging that the inclusivity and the services are retooled, the capacity of personnel to enhance their performance and the maintenance of peace and security in Nigeria.”

The first lady further said that security challenges have become increasingly complex and multipath.

“From terrorism, cyber trade to climate change and health crisis, the security of nations and individuals is constantly under scrutiny.

“Addressing these challenges effectively requests innovative and comprehensive approaches and gender mainstreaming stands as a powerful tool in our arsenal.”

She said it is recognised that security encompasses not only military strength, but also the protection of human rights, economic stability, social and environmental sustainability.

She said it requires a collective effort to address security issues and advance gender mainstreaming.

“We can start by ensuring that gender perspectives are integrated into security policies and strategies, encouraging more women to join and progress within the forces.

“We must promote women’s participation and leadership in security institutions, peace negotiations, conflict resolution efforts and bringing a more reconciliatory perspective into negotiations.”

She said that education and training programmes should include gender sensitivity and awareness amongst security personnel, saying that women should not be discriminated against for getting married or bearing children.

She also advised that more cooperation is required towards the elimination of gender-based violence within security forces for proper mechanism for reporting and addressing such incidents.

“Women in the forces should be able to report incidents without fear of victimisation. Collaborations among governments, civil society organisations and international bodies are essential to share best practices and hold one another accountable for progress.

“Through the Renewed Hope Initiative project, we have strengthened women empowerment by letting women have access to training and education.

“Additionally, we have equipped the women with laptops and grants to support their educational and professional pursuits.

“This is because we believe that when you empower a woman, you empower a community and inevitably a nation.

“We therefore hope that the leadership within the Armed Forces will extend this dialogue beyond the confinement of this conference and empower women within their rank and file.”

The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, and the Minister of Defence Alhaji, Mohammed Baduru, applauded the first lady and agreed to look into her recommendations.


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