Bago Unveils Niger State’s Green Economy Blueprint


Bago Unveils Niger State’s Green Economy Blueprint

By Aluta News
October 30, 2023

The Niger State Government has produced its first ‘Green Economy Blueprint’, says Governor Mohammed Umar Bago.

According to the governor, “the blueprint is a strategic document outlining a visionary roadmap that will shape our development choices and steer our actions, in alignment with the precepts of sustainability.

“It beckons the active engagement and cooperation of all stakeholders, including the government, private sector, civil society, academia, media, and our local communities. Innovative solutions, tailored to our unique context and needs, must be unearthed and harnessed. “

Bago spoke during the opening ceremony of the 2023 Niger State Green Economy Summit held at the Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi International Conference Centre.

He said: “We are using this Summit to present a draft to stakeholders for their review and input, after which it shall be formally launched and applied in the preparation of our appropriation proposals for 2024 and beyond”.

The Niger State Chief Executive added that the blueprint, in its entirety, is not just a document but a clarion call to collective action.

He stated: “This blueprint is a comprehensive guide that details our vision, objectives, strategies, and actions, designed to transform our state into a beacon of green prosperity that is environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and economically robust.

“It spans across vital sectors, encompassing renewable energy, transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, inclusivity, and tourism. It lays out a detailed plan for sourcing financial support, technology transfer, capacity building, and fostering strategic partnerships in the realisation of our mission,” said Bago.

The governor maintained that the theme of the summit, “Sustainable Future: Harnessing Green Assets and Innovation for Niger State’s Prosperity,” encapsulates the very essence of his administration’s governance mission.

He said: “It underscores our unwavering dedication to sustainability, the priceless green assets within our grasp, and the catalytic role of innovative practices in driving economic growth and overall well-being. In equal measure, this summit marks an extraordinary milestone on our journey toward a sustainable future.

“It is a declaration of our steadfast resolve to combat climate change and environmental degradation while enhancing the lives of our people and invigorating our economy. It is a testament to our ambition – to stand as a paragon of green growth and responsible environmental stewardship, not only within Nigeria but across borders. “

Governor Bago stated that his administration aspires to create a state where its citizens enjoy access to fundamental social amenities and infrastructure that enhance the quality of life. ‘These include top-tier healthcare, access to high-quality and inclusive education, safeguarded lives and property, assured food security, clean drinking water, affordable housing, recreational venues, and opportunities for sports and leisure”.

Bago assured that he is committed to building a new Niger State with a sustainable economy, underpinned by substantial agricultural growth, investments in tourism, the utilization of renewable energy, the responsible extraction of solid minerals, fostering innovation, embracing cutting-edge technology, promoting diverse services, establishing free trade zones, cultivating industrial parks, and establishing economic cities as vital hubs for development and employment.

He said: “Furthermore, our vision includes a state boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure, realised through a deliberate urban renewal strategy.

“This encompasses the development of quality road networks and efficient rail systems, modern urban transportation options, and advanced city surveillance systems.

“This vision aligns with our commitment to establishing a state built on the principles of good governance, characterized by equity, unwavering accountability, a proficient civil service, the maintenance of law and order, a thriving business environment, sound financial governance, optimized internal revenue generation, the application of technology for efficient governance, and inclusive governance and policymaking”.

Aliyu Umar
Chairman, Publicity subcommittee
29th October, 2023.

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