Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia’s Remarkable First 100 Days as Benue State’s Sixth Democratically Elected Governor


Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia’s Remarkable First 100 Days as Benue State’s Sixth Democratically Elected Governor

By Bridget Ikyado


In a dynamic political landscape, the first 100 days of any new administration serve as a litmus test of its vision, determination, and ability to steer a state towards progress. Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia’s tenure as the Governor of Benue State has been nothing short of transformative during this crucial initial period. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to change, his administration has already achieved remarkable milestones that lay the foundation for a brighter future for the state.

Fulfilling Promises

Governor Hyacinth Alia, in his acceptance speech as the democratically elected Governor of Benue State, outlined his immediate priorities, including the prompt payment of salaries and arrears owed to civil servants by the previous administration and the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their ancestral homes within the state. True to his word, he wasted no time in addressing these pressing issues.

1. Salary Payments and Pension Settlement

Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia’s administration recognized the financial burden placed on civil servants due to unpaid salaries and arrears from the past. Within the first 100 days, the government initiated the payment of salaries, spanning from May to August, providing much-needed relief to state employees. Furthermore, the administration has made strides in addressing the pension crisis, ensuring that deserving verified pensioners receive their dues.

2. Infrastructure Revival

The deteriorating state of roads in the capital city, Makurdi, was a glaring issue left unresolved by previous administrations. Governor Hyacinth Alia tackled this head-on by awarding contracts for the construction of 16 roads in the city. This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for road improvement but also signifies a commitment to modernizing the state’s infrastructure.

3. Economic Resilience

In the face of economic challenges exacerbated by the removal of petrol subsidies, Governor Alia’s administration collaborated with the Federal Government to secure a 5 billion Naira palliative measure. This intervention is designed to mitigate the economic impact on the people of Benue State and includes support for the ICT sector, grants for women in cooperative societies, transportation solutions, food distribution to vulnerable families, and pension arrears payments, among other measures.

4. Ensuring Road Safety

The safety of Benue indigenes on the state’s roads is a top priority. The commissioning of the Benue State Vehicle Inspection Service Centre in Makurdi demonstrates the government’s commitment to road safety. This strategy is set to promote discipline, efficiency, and safety in road usage and transport facilities.

5. Epidemic Prevention

Governor Hyacinth Alia’s government is proactive in addressing public health concerns. In response to the threat of Anthrax, a viral disease common among domestic animals, a task force for its control and prevention has been established. This demonstrates a commitment to both animal and human health.

6. Teacher Welfare

To ensure that civil servants, especially teachers, have sufficient time to plan for their post-retirement years, the administration approved a new retirement age and length of service. Teachers can now retire at 65 years of age, with a maximum length of service set at 40 years, providing more financial security in their later years.

7. Supporting National Unity

Recognizing the importance of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in promoting national unity, the government increased the allowances for NYSC members posted to Benue State. This initiative aims to support young people and enhance their experience during their service year.

8. Legislative Enhancement

The total renovation of the Benue State House of Assembly, a project initiated within the first 100 days, is a testament to the commitment to creating a conducive environment for serious legislative business.

9. Agricultural Revolution

As the “food basket of the nation,” Benue State’s agricultural sector is critical. Governor Alia’s administration launched the 2023 farming year with aggressive subsidization of farming inputs and fertilizers, supporting rural farmers and promoting food security.


In his first 100 days in office, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia has demonstrated strong leadership and a clear commitment to delivering on promises. From addressing salary arrears to investing in infrastructure, promoting economic resilience, enhancing public safety, and supporting various sectors, his administration has laid a solid foundation for a prosperous and progressive future for Benue State. The journey has just begun, and the people of Benue State can look forward to a promising era under his leadership.

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