Prime minister woos Nigerians to invest in UKA


Prime minister woos Nigerians to invest in UKA

By Aluta News

The Global Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA) Dr. Michael Uzoagba has called on Nigerians to take advantage and invest in the emerging economy of the country.

Uzoagba who made the call in a meeting with the business class in Abuja, said that there are enormous opportunities in the UKA.

He said that contrary to popular belief, UKA is not under the waters saying that it really exists on land and the people worship God Almighty like Nigerians.

He said that the country is implementing a policy in which five million applicants will be granted citizenship status, urging Nigerians to take advantage of it.

“Having said that I will do for us this slim opportunity to call on the world to embrace United Kingdom of Atlantis.

“I also call on everybody here. All business people, all investors, all in companies and corporate bodies to come and invest in United Kingdom of Atlantis.

“The door is wide open, you can talk to us even one on one, you can call us on phone and we will always answer you.

“And there are so much in return of investments for corporates, people and individuals; I will end by saying this that no nation or Kingdom or country ever exists without the united efforts of the people so the door is open,” he said.

The Secretary General of UKA, Dr Herbert Hartman described the UKA as a pure country free from air pollution, dirty streets and religious dichotomy.

According to him, they have no jungle killings, no corruption; it is a clean country that’s been given on the platter to lead the people again.

He said that the country has a total population of about five million persons and there is a huge opportunity in investing in ship business in UKA.

Also, Dr Esmonu Ugochukwu, King of Santarini Kingdom Government in the UKA said that their reason for coming to Abuja was to avail

Nigerians the opportunities in the kingdom.
He said that some of the leaders in the UKA are originally from Nigerian and they still have connections with their origin in Nigeria.

The king urged Nigerians to apply and take advantage of the citizenship policy and business opportunities before the door closes.

According to him, people are rushing from all over the world to get citizenship of the strategically located country on the Antarctica continent.

Ugochukwu said that the country is well established and has embassies all over the world.

He said that they have their culture and lifestyle which is welcoming and will accommodate Nigerians cultures.

The kingdom gave awards to Nigerians who have made special impacts in their different endeavours of life.

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