FCCPC, BPSR task public servants on efficient service delivery


FCCPC, BPSR task public servants on efficient service delivery

By Bridget Ikyado

Mr Babatunde Irukera, the Executive Vice-Chairman of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has tasked public servants on efficient service delivery to all Nigerians at all times.

Irukera made the call at a lunch seminar organised by the Bureau of Public Reforms (BPSR) on Tuesday in Abuja.

The seminar was titled, “Customer as king: Roles of FCCPC in ensuring delivery and satisfaction of Nigerian Customers.”

Irukera said that public service, civil service, ministries, parastatals are not the buildings but about the people sitted on the chairs in there.

According to him, those places and buildings do not mean nothing, they do not do any thing, it is us.

He said that there are some public servants who have complains of how private companies either power, airline, bank or telecom had treated them and want something to be done about it.

Irukera said that such complains are hypocritical because many public servants do not give what they demand of others in their different institutions.

“Do we recognise that the grievances we feel and expected them to addressed is exactly how the nation and its people feel about us and what our responsibilities to them are.

“Wheather as regulators, law emforcmemt or policy makers, why demand what you do not give?

“There is a social contract inherent in the jobs we have been given, and I must say, in this country that we live in today, with the rate of unemployment, we are some of the most privileged few.

“When the government employs, we take something that is absolutely right between us and the next person who didn’t get the job; nothing makes us more qualified for the citizenship entitlement and eligibility standpoint.

“Because of that special privilege, our sense of responsibility and accountability must be higher with determination to deliver; the least FG job vacancies will have a thousand applicant with some ready to pay the ultimate prize to get the job.

“We are all public servants and we must see our own roles in the things that aggravates us because we if so not, it will be all motion and no movement.

“Government is be far the most important forum for reform and transformation; if we keep looking for the problem on the outside without realising that there is bigger piece of it on the inside, and the vast solution is on the inside, we will serve our time and leave and we will not make the space better,” he said.

Earlier, the Director-General of BPSR, Mr Dasuki Arabi said that the theme of the seminar strikes at the core of the mission as public servants.

He said that in the continuous quest for excellence, public servants must recognise the centrality of the customer, who, in their diverse forms, remains the very reason for their existence.

Arabi explained that the FCCPC plays a crucial role in consumer protection, market regulation, dispute resolution, consumer education, enforcement of consumer laws, product quality and safety, and merger control.

“Throughout this seminar, we can expect valuable insights from the FCCPC on how they work tirelessly to enhance consumer confidence and economic growth through fair competition.

“They will share their efforts in advocating for pro-consumer policies and reforms, fostering an environment that prioritises customer satisfaction and accountability.

“As the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and partnership among government agencies.

“Our commitment to interagency cooperation is rooted in the understanding that, together, we can tackle challenges more effectively and innovate for the greater good of our fellow citizens,” he said. (NAN)

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