Labour agitation: CAN official urges Nigerians to be patience


Labour agitation: CAN official urges Nigerians to be patience


By Bridget Ikyado

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Lagos Chapter, Bishop Stephen Adegbite has urged all Nigerians to be patient and support President Bola Tinubu in his quest to build a better country.

Adegbite made the plea at a news conference in Abuja on Thursday, following protests by labour and trade unions over the removal of petrol subsidy.

The cleric assured that Nigerians will not go through the current agony in vain as Tinubu has the interest of the nation at heart and that God is interested in the country as well.

He said that continuing with fuel subsidy is same as pushing forward the evil days which might be more terrible than what is being experiencing now.

“We cannot be complaining about a deficit of social infrastructure and amenities as well as low wages for civil servants and at the same time be opposed to efforts to improve the quality and availability of same.

“While it may be easy to appreciate the altruism behind the protest, I believe that it must have the overall benefit of the entire polity as its ultimate objective,” he said.

The clergy alleged that when subsidy was being paid, Nigerians were not the major beneficiaries as it was hijacked by a few individuals.

“The best that can happen to us is what we are experiencing now, though with pains, we feel the pains of Nigerians, we have families, we have members; even in the church some people cannot come to church anymore because of fuel increase.

“But we have to endure for now, Mr President said there are better days ahead and by the special grace of God, in another six months, Nigeria will sing a new song, Nigeria will be delivered.

“Mr President is a very compassionate individual, we have known for more than 27 years, even as an individual, he does not like people suffering around him.

“He wants the best for this nation, he has the interest of this nation at heart and that is why he has met with the labour unions personally.

“We will ensure to follow the government closely on their promises to ensure that the dividends of democracy is delivered and Nigeria becomes a better place for all us to dwell in,” he said

The bishop appealed to Nigerians to be calm as the nation was already getting out of the woods and that the agony will not be in vain.

Adegbite who is the Methodist Bishop of Ikeja Diocese of Lagos state urged citizens to have faith in the government and in God and pray for the country to succeed against all evil plots.

According to him, it is our bounding duty to ensure that we give hope to Nigerians and to let them know that Nigeria will never become an abandoned project.

He said that as Nigerians, we do not have any other country, warning that the wave of military interventions going on in some African countries must not be allowed to happen in Nigeria.

The bishop charged Nigerians to come together as a people to build the country as no African country can accommodate Nigerian citizens, not even the United States.

“Anybody thinking there is anything good in disunity, chaos, acrimony, it is not the best for us at this time, the government has just started, let us continue to pray that God will move Nigeria forward.

“Forward ever, backward never, we feel your pains, I have people, I know the number of people that appeal to me daily for support.

“That goes to everyone, I will say to those that have, please take care of your neighbours, and your neighbours includes your enemies.

“Do not wait until people come to you, if you see any one in need, please extend a hand of fellowship and God will bless you. For the more you give, the more you get and it shall be well all Nigerians.

“Everyone deserves a good life and that is what this administration must give to all Nigerians and God will be with Mr President, his team and they will deliver and we will have a better tomorrow,” he said.

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