Divorce: Woman laments sexual molestation by husband in Ibadan


By Aluta News

Aug 29, 2022

A pharmacist, Nafisat Afeez, on Monday told a Mapo Grade A Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her nine year-old union to her husband, Rasheed Afeez on grounds of alleged sexual exploitation.

Nafisat made the submission, while countering her husband’s allegation of sexual starvation and infidelity levelled against her.

The mother of two said that she consented to the divorce suit in order to prevent continuous sexual molestation from her husband.

“My lord, Afeez has completely turned me into a sex object because he keeps requesting for sex from me without minding its overall effects on both of us.

“He doesn’t bother about my emotional wellbeing, but his own selfish satisfaction.
“If I fail to co-operate, Afeez will force me into submission through battery.

“On a certain night, Afeez requested for sex, in spite of quarreling with me for sometimes.

“I turned down his advances, he attempted to force me, but I escaped to the kitchen to get a knife to defend myself,” Nafisat said.

She added that her husband was grossly irresponsible not only to her, but also to the children.

“Furthermore, I was afraid of producing more children with sickle cell disorder because one of our two children is an SS by genotype.

“Afeez and I are AS by genotype and he doesn’t buy the require medication for the sick child,” Nafisat said.

She said that the building they currently live belonged to both of them.

Afeez had earlier told the court that he sustained an injury in his private part when his wife prevented him from performing conjugal rite with her.

Afeez, an accountant, a primary school teacher and a resident of Soka area in Ibadan, said that he filed the suit because his wife was in the habit of starving him of sex.

“Both Nafisat and I are well informed about our genotype status before we got married.
“All of the sudden, she stopped allowing me to perform my conjugal rite for no reasons.

“I don’t think that I should have a restricted access to her through condom because she is my wife.

“Also, I noticed that Nafisat went for family plan without my consent. Worst still, she has been dressing provocatively and listening to worldly music as against our religious belief.

“In fact, Nafisat now sleeps about in hotels,” Afeez said. The petitioner tendered all the documents showing that the house in which he lived with his wife belonged to him and his mother.

The court’s President, Mrs S.M. Akintayo adjourned the case until Sept. 12 for ruling on the objection raised by Afeez against documents tendered by Nafisat in the case.