Seeing G7 leaders naked would have been disgusting sight, says Putin


By Aluta News

June 30, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said it would have been a disgusting sight if G7 leaders had removed their clothes at their recent summit.

The G7 leaders were heard joking among themselves about Putin’s penchant for shirtless photos as they posed for photos ahead of a meeting at the G7 summit in Germany’s Schloss Elmau on Sunday.

“I don’t know how they planned to strip, above or below the waist,’’ Putin told journalists during a visit to Turkmenistan.

He added; “I think it will have been a disgusting sight either way.’’

Putin then went on to advise the G7 leaders that exercise and drinking less were necessary to achieve harmony between body and soul, according to Russian news agency TASS.

While seated alongside his fellow G7 leaders at a round table on Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be heard asking whether he should keep his jacket on before saying.

“We all have to show that we are tougher than Putin.’’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then quipped that a “bare-chested horseback ride,’’ would be necessary for that, a reference to Putin’s frequent stage-managed photo shoots.

This happened during one of which he was pictured riding a horse shirtless.