BREAKING: Supreme Court Grants Local Governments Financial Autonomy


BREAKING: Supreme Court Grants Local Governments Financial Autonomy

By Aluta News
July 11, 2024

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of financial autonomy for the 774 local governments in Nigeria. The court ordered that funds for local governments be paid directly to them, bypassing state governments.

This ruling is a significant victory for local government autonomy, a long-standing demand of the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) and other stakeholders. The court’s decision aligns with the constitutional requirement for democratically elected local government systems.

The judgment is expected to have far-reaching implications for grassroots governance and development in Nigeria. Local governments will now have greater control over their finances, enabling them to deliver essential services and projects more effectively.

The Supreme Court’s decision is a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to strengthen local government administration in Nigeria. It is seen as a major setback for state governors who have been accused of mismanaging local government funds.

With this ruling, local governments are now empowered to manage their resources and prioritize development projects that benefit their communities. This is a significant step towards decentralizing power and promoting grassroots development in Nigeria.

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