Elephants kill Spanish tourist in South African reserve


Aluta News

A man from Spain was fatally trampled while photographing elephants in a game reserve in South Africa, according to media reports.

Ignoring pleas by his fellow travellers, the man had exited their car in Pilanesberg National Park on Sunday to approach a group of adult elephants and their young when the incident occurred.

The tourist was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries.

Employees of the reserve confirmed the deadly attack.

“Visitors to the park must realise that these are wild animals,” a parks official said.

“You cannot simply get out of your vehicle and approach an animal.”

Such situations typically arise when elephants or other wild animals believe their young are in danger.

Park rangers always warn safari tourists not to come between an elephant mother and calf with their vehicle.

However, driving too close to elephants can also trigger an attack.


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