PDP CRISIS: Katsina Faction Brands Mustapha, Others “Political Prostitutes


PDP CRISIS: Katsina Faction Brands Mustapha, Others “Political Prostitutes”

By Aluta News
July 09, 2024

A faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Katsina State has launched a scathing attack on some members, including Senator Tsauri, Salisu Yusuf Majigiri, and Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa, labeling them “political prostitutes” who have lost relevance in the state and nationally.

According to Lawal DanAde, spokesman for the Katsina State PDP, the trio are mere “political paperweights” who have no influence or impact on the party’s affairs.

The attack comes after Tsauri, Mustapha, and Majigiri held a press conference criticizing the PDP leadership at the state and national levels, alleging that FCT Minister Nyesom Wike was controlling the party.

DanAde dismissed the trio’s claims, branding them agents of the All Progressives Congress (APC) seeking to destabilize the PDP.

“These are people who have lost political relevance and couldn’t even deliver their polling units. In fact, both Mustapha and Tsauri lost their polling units, wards and local governments to the APC. They have nothing to show as a way of supporting the fortunes of PDP.

“As for Hon Majigiri, we all know that his political allegiance is to former Governors Ibrahim Shehu Shema who is a member of the APC. It is clear to all even the politically naive that Majigiri is working for the APC. He is therefore not qualified to talk about our party” he added.

DanAde accused the trio of being mercantile politicians who are merely interested in what gets to their pockets, insisting that their current noise is because they are hungry and looking for cheap relevance.

He said “these people are driven by idleness and lack of work. The politics for which they have been relying on has left them long ago because none of them have control of their political base. They don’t want to accept this reality hence their current baseless ranting”

“For instance, if you take Dr Mustapha, this is someone who came into the PDP and worsened our woes because he is hated for what many Katsina people believe to be his role in the Masari administration. As for Hon Majigiri, this is someone who did not even win his election. It is a fact that the APC administration had to ask their candidate to step down for Majigiri as part of the arrangements which also include withdrawing court cases instituted against his boss, former Governor Shema. Can these people claim to have the PDP at heart?” he added

He lauded Senator Yakubu Lado Danmarke for providing all the necessary support to the Katsina State chapter of the PDP and challenged those he accused of mercantilist politics to provide any shred of evidence to show that they have contributed to advancing the party’s fortune.

He said the mere fact that the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike is one of the best performing ministers in the present administration showed that his appointment by President Tinubu is well deserved and lampooned PDP members who are criticising Wike.

“On Wike, they alleged that he is the one controlling PDP even though he is in APC. Well, the last time I checked, Wike is still a member of our party and his performance as minister is bringing more joy to the party. In all advance countries, people are given positions based on their ability to deliver and Wike has not disappointed as he has demonstrated such capacity” DanAde noted

While commenting on the national leadership of the PDP, DanAde said except for the leadership acumen of the current national working committee led by Umar Damagum, the PDP would have collapsed like a pack of cards, long ago. “Therefore, all the allegations raised by the trio of Tsauri, Mustapha and Majirgiri, are baseless’ he enthused.

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