Data Privacy Alert: Nigerians’ Personal Information Sold Online for ₦100!


Data Privacy Alert: Nigerians’ Personal Information Sold Online for ₦100!

Aluta News Investigation Uncovers Shocking Breach of Privacy and Data Rights

By Aluta News
June 21, 2024

An investigation by Paradigm Initiative and Aluta News reveals that unauthorized websites are peddling sensitive personal and financial data of Nigerians for a mere ₦100. This alarming breach of privacy and data rights poses significant risks to individuals and the national economy.

Our investigation uncovered that (link unavailable), a website operating since November 2023, is commercially exploiting personal data, including National Identity Numbers, Bank Verification Numbers, driver’s licenses, and phone numbers, for ₦100 per request to any interested party. Aluta News found that the website had a staggering 567,990 visits in February 2024 and 188,360 in April 2024, indicating a massive scope of this data breach.

Our team of investigators also discovered that the website’s operators claim to offer “verified” data, implying that they have access to sensitive information from reputable sources. This raises concerns about potential insider involvement or unauthorized access to sensitive databases.

Aluta News contacted the website’s operators, but they declined to comment on the allegations. Our investigation is ongoing, and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.

This report highlights a critical need for enhanced data protection measures in Nigeria to safeguard citizens’ personal information and prevent such egregious violations of privacy rights.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story!

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