Nigeria’s 25 years of democratic dispensation: An appraisal.


Nigeria’s 25 years of democratic dispensation: An appraisal.

By Abdullahi Shuaibu
June 13, 2024

Nigeria is celebrating 25 years of stable civilian rule, 25 years of uninterrupted democracy. But what are we really celebrating?

Where and how was Nigeria 25 years ago and where and how is Nigeria 25 years today?

Time and space will not enable me to list, or compare the institutions in the country to measure success or failure. Nigeria today is 25 years backward from 25 years ago.

It’s clear, that the concept of democracy as assumed practice globally has no place in our society, completely abused by Nigerian politicians and deeply misinterpreted.

Democracy, Instead of the government of the people by the people for the people, we are witnessing a revised concept of government of the crooked politicians by the unpatriotic politicians for the corrupted politicians.

We all know that Nigeria was better in all aspects 25 years ago than 25 years today the same people who were wrecked by the haves gathered fooling Nigerians to see how they destroy the system, show how they benefit from the system at the expense of the masses.

The politicians gathered at the Eagle Square to enjoy themselves while Nigerians are struggling to get a piece of bread. They drove in the 160m naira cars and used the celebration to practice their major achievement, the revised national anthem in governance for 25years

Nigerians, we need to rethink, redefine democracy, rearrange our system, and re-examine government officials for better selection in governance.

It’s not late, prayers, dedication, patriotism and discipline with sincere selection/election, we can get it right.

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