NCS’ Trade Modernisation Project to create 15,000 jobs – official


June 9, 2024

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Trade Modernisation Project (TMP), will create more than 15,000 jobsU, its General Manager, Mr Ahmed Ogunshola, has said.

Ogunshola told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja, that the TMP, which has three phases, is a 20-year concession agreement signed on May 27, 2023, between the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the NCS Board, and the Trade Modernisation Project Ltd.

The TMP is the automation of the business processes of the NCS to simplify the experience of stakeholders in the trade value chain.

It is expected to ease export and import clearances, payment of duties and the release of goods.

The GM said that more NCS personnel would be engaged for the implementation of the project.

He added that its investment would require local expertise and skills, which would, in turn, develop the local economy.

“More NCS personnel will be required. For the concession agreement, an additional 15,000 personnel will be needed to fully implement it

“ TMP will bring in investments in billions of dollars that will require local expertise and skills.

“As concessionaire, we are building a national operation that will be required to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of all the technology platforms,” he said.

Ogunshola further explained that with the introduction of any disruptive technology, new jobs would be created through the new service points required for the project to function effectively.

He said that the project would also facilitate professionalism, especially in technical and information technology skills, as those involved in the implementation were being exposed to the use of modern technology infrastructure.

According to him, it will provide organisation-wide capacity building for NCS, to ensure the sustainable implementation of the project.

“The project will create a new set of professionals who will help end users navigate the system.

“Studies of similar projects around the world have shown that the ripple effects lead to creation of new jobs across many industries.

“The project also grows businesses which, together, contribute to wealth generation and sustainable developments,” he said.

NAN reports that the project is expected to generate in excess of 250 billion dollars for the Federal Government over the life of the concession.

The concessionaire is expected to invest 3.2 billion dollars to deliver the project over the 20-year period.


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