Customs recorded 100% improvement on export -Comptroller


June 9, 2024

The Customs command in Seme border said it recorded about 100 per cent increase in the volume of trade in the first five months of 2024.

The Seme Border Customs Comptroller, Timi Bomodi disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Seme on Sunday.

Bomodi said that the significant increase was due to improved trade facilitation in export and import of goods in the area.

He said that the customs command Seme border also recorded considerable increase of 272 per cent from import recorded in the last five month of 2024 when compared with 2023.

Bomodi said that on trade facilitation,  the service recognised that Lagos-Abidjan corridor was strategically located and considered as the most viable trade corridor in the entire Africa.

According to him, Lagos-Abidjan corridor is viable to the nation’s economy while the European Union is  ready to release money to develop infrastructure around the axis.

He called for telecommunication infrastructure and rail lines to boost legitimate trade along the Lagos-Abijan corridor.

“We know that goods from Nigeria end up in other West Africa markets, we also know that goods that are originating from other West African countries come into the  Nigeria market.

“So, there is that symbiotic relationship. Trade facilitation is important to the us because without proper facilitation,  there will be unnecessary encumbrances,” he said.

“We are mindful of the role that we play on trade facilitation at border areas, we want to be sure that our processes and  procedures are well outlined, simplified, automated and easily accessible by the trading public.

“We have had a tremendous growth on export, we had over 100 per cent even in the area of import, we had significant growth too.

“We measure the volume and value of goods that move across the corridor, we noted significant increase in revenue generation,”Bomodi said.

He said that Seme command had been attracting more users due to customs enhancement on trade facilitation as well as collaboration with their counterparts in Benin Republic on harmonising customs procedures.

Bomodi said the  purpose of  harmonising customs procedures was to ensure that border areas were designed for a one stop shop for examination and release of cargos regardless of the destination.

He advised intending exporters and importers to be guided on export and import procedures, customs requirements and follow due process to avoid goods being  forfeited


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