Journalists Urged to Be More Sensitive in Reportin Freedom of Religion and Belief Issues


Journalists Urged to Be More Sensitive in Reportin Freedom of Religion and Belief Issues

By Hussaina Yakubu
June 05, 2024

The Nigeria Country Coordinator for the Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA), Mr. Jude Likita, has called on media practitioners to be more sensitive when reporting issues related to freedom of religion and belief (FoRB).

Mr. Likita made this appeal in an interview in Kaduna, shortly after a two-day media training organized by JISRA.

The initiative is a product of the Power of Voices (PoV) Alliance, formed by Mensen met een Missie in partnership with Tearfund NL, Tearfund UK, and Search for Common Ground, and funded by the Dutch Government.

The workshop, which gathered 35 media practitioners from various organizations, aimed to create a safe platform for civil society organizations (CSOs) and media members to collaboratively discuss strategies for promoting just and peaceful societies.


“Religion often forms the basis of several conflicts in our country. Certain information disseminated can be sensitive and sometimes trigger conflicts,” said Likita


He emphasized the importance of responsible reporting to prevent such triggers.


The program also seeks to increase the visibility of JISRA’s efforts and successes, highlighting how these initiatives have benefited communities.


“We brought media actors together to learn appropriate ways to report sensitive matters and help disseminate information about JISRA’s success stories,” he added.


Likita called on journalists to share their training experiences with their colleagues, hoping trained journalists would also pass on their knowledge.


He underscored the need for all media practitioners to advocate for FoRB, stressing that freedom of religious belief is a fundamental human right.


He also urged religious and traditional leaders to continue their good work while preaching peace and advocating for the freedom of religion, noting that their followers are instrumental in promoting peace.


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the JISRA program is currently being implemented in seven countries: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, and Iraq.


He said In Nigeria, the project is active in Kaduna and Plateau states and is implemented by a consortium of international and national non-governmental organizations, including Tearfund Netherlands and Tearfund UK


(Nigeria Country Consortium Lead), Search for Common Ground, Mensen met een Missie (MM), and the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.(NAN)

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