GAIN Trains Kaduna farmers , Residents in Vitamin A Food Processing, Packaging


GAIN Trains Kaduna farmers , Residents in Vitamin A Food Processing, Packaging

By Hussaina Yakubu
May 27,2024

In a bid to combat malnutrition and promote the consumption of nutritious foods in Kaduna State, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) has trained twenty individuals in the processing and packaging of Vitamin A-rich food products.

GAIN, a non-governmental organization, identified several Nigerian states, including Kaduna, to train residents on incorporating Vitamin A into various food items such as maize, cassava, and sweet potatoes.

Speaking at the training event titled “Safe and Nutritious Food Packaging, Marketing Techniques, and Business Stability,” consultant Kefas highlighted the initiative’s potential to enhance food consumption in Kaduna State.

He emphasized that the trainees would learn how to safely handle and package food to preserve its nutrients, particularly Vitamin A in maize.

“Many people are unaware that red maize has added nutritional value, this training will enable participants to educate the public about the health benefits of consuming this maize, which can help reduce diseases and promote proper growth,” Kefas stated.

He further explained that the focus in Kaduna is on Vitamin A maize, commonly known as yellow maize, and the training aims to teach participants proper packaging techniques to retain its nutritional content.

Addressing the malnutrition rates in the state, Kefas noted, “While Kaduna State is not solely afflicted by malnutrition, the push is for the acceptance of these nutritious products.

He said ,Kaduna has shown a high adaptability to new food products, and when people are informed of the benefits, they accept them quickly.

The Participants also expressed their appreciation for the training. Zakariya Sabo acknowledged the value of the knowledge gained, particularly in farm produce packaging, and recognized areas where he could improve his practices.

Huraira Suleiman and Hannatu Sunny, both maize processors, shared their enthusiasm for the training, highlighting its potential to enhance their businesses through improved marketing strategies and preservation methods.

According to them, this training initiative by GAIN will help to empower local food processors with the skills necessary to produce and market Vitamin A-enriched foods effectively, ultimately contributing to better nutrition and health outcomes in Kaduna State.(NAN)

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