Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tein Jr. Celebrates Birthday Amidst Accolades

Dr Elizabeth Jack-Rich

Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tein Jr. Celebrates Birthday Amidst Accolades

By Gambo Jagindi
May 18, 2024

Today, Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tein Jr., the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Elin Group Limited, marks a significant milestone as she celebrates her birthday.

Dr. Elizabeth is a renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Her impressive educational background includes degrees from USAM University Port-Novo, the University of Cambridge UK, and an Entrepreneurship Essentials certification from Harvard University USA.

Throughout her career, Dr. Elizabeth has received numerous awards and recognition for her outstanding contributions, including The African Child Award and the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award.

Dr. Elizabeth is happily married to Tein Teinbo Saturday Seleyefubara Jack-Rich, and their union is blessed with children.

Aluta Media Limited, publishers of Aluta News, join millions of her admirers to celebrate this special day, wishing her a happy birthday and praying for continued success and blessings in her life.





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