Court orders estranged husband to return to matrimonial home


May 7, 2024

The judge, Malam Iliyasu Umar, gave the order after Ojoka’s wife, Maimuna Sulaiman, asked the court to dissolve their marriage on grounds of her husband’s irresponsibility and failure to pay house rents, school fees, and cater for other family needs.

Umar also counseled the petitioner in the divorce case to exercise more patience and accept her husband when he returned.

The judge further ordered Maimuna to report back to the court on June 3 of any attitudinal changes by her spouse upon his return home.

Earlier , the complainant told the court that she had been married to her husband for 29 years, but anytime they had financial challenges, he would pack his bags and leave.

” He left me and my children during Ramadan when our house rent was due; I had to go borrow money and pay to avoid eviction.

“I paid the school fees for my four children, even though two of them are now married; I want the court to dissolve the marriage since he has packed out,” she said.

Giving evidence befor the court, Ojoka denied the allegations and informed it that he has been a responsible father paying his children’s school fees until he lost his job.

He said that when he lost his job, his wife refused to understand his financial situation and insisted that the children should continue to attend private school when he suggested they transfer to a public school.

The respondent also denied the allegation of not paying the house rent.

According to him, his wife moved out of the house the family was living in claiming that it was not comfortable.

“She moved into another house and paid the rent; anytime I am home it’s quarrel, no peace,” Ojoka told the court.


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