Threat: Paris Olympics opening ceremony venue may change– Macron


By Aluta News

April 15, 2024

The opening ceremony of the 2024 Paris Olympics might not take place along the Seine River if the security situation in Europe worsens.

French President Emmanuel Macron told broadcasters BFMTV in an interview on Monday.

“We can do it and we will do it,” Macron stressed, but he added that plans B and C are being prepared.

The French president indicated that, in the event of a threat, the opening ceremony will be “limited to the Trocadéro,” or even the Stade de France stadium as a precaution.

The opening ceremony will take place on July 26 and for the first time outdoors.

Around 160 boats will take the athletes on a six-kilometre route across the Seine along the most beautiful sights in Paris, from the Pont d’Austerlitz to the Trocadéro.

Some 326,000 spectators are expected to attend the ceremony.

Recently, potential terrorist threats forced authorities to increase security around sports events.

France and Spain ramped up their security plans ahead of the Champions League quarter-finals matches due to reported threats from jihadists.

In March, the Munich police increased their presence around the Allianz Arena, where Bayern Munich was hosting the Bundesliga match against Borussia Dortmund.

The incident occurred after a user on X (formerly Twitter), said to have links with the Islamic State terrorist militia posted a picture with a target placed on spectators around the stadium.


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