Ex- governorship candidate rallies support for Ododo


By Aluta News

April 15, 2024

Abejide, who represents Yagba Federal Constituency, at the National Assembly said this when he addressed some supporters in Lokoja on Monday.

“Politics is over since Ododo won the election and what is left for us as citizens is to support and join hands with his administration in building a secure and prosperous Kogi.

“Today, I’m calling on all Kogi indigenes to shun politics for now and support the government to achieve progress on all fronts, more so that the election was freely won.

“There is time for politics and time for governance. The time for politics is over, what is left is governance that can put smiles on people’s faces.

“We have had our election and a winner has emerged. I still find it surprising that some people are still working to pull down the government because of election that was freely won, with the people’s voice heard loud and clear, ” he said.

Abejide urged those who contested the election with Ododo, to put behind the election and give the governor the needed support to succeed.

“Let’s give the governor the desired support to work for the good of the generality of the people of zkogi,” Abejide said.


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