Bill to regulate Igbo apprenticeship system in Anambra passes second reading


By Aluta News

March 21, 2024

A bill seeking to revive and provide a framework to regulate the Igbo apprenticeship scheme known as ‘Igba Boi’ has sailed through the second reading at the Anambra State House of Assembly.

The Bill entitled – “Anambra State Igbo Apprenticeship Bill 2024” –  was sponsored by Mr Ejike Okechukwu, Member representing Anaocha Constituency ll.

In his submission, Okechukwu said that if the apprenticeship scheme would be regulated, it would become lucrative and reduce the rate of unemployment.

He said that the apprenticeship system was a major creator of employment in the South East in the 70s, 80s and 90s, as many youths were absorbed in it.

According to him, this is why the South East has one of the biggest markets in West Africa.

“The trainee system began to die when a servant or  trainee would serve his master for years and when it would be  time to settle him, stories would come up and the servant would be sacked without any compensation.

“This made most of our young people to begin to see the system as a waste of time and effort.

“This bill is, however, seeking to establish a commission to oversee and create a database to matchmake individuals with their trades or businesses of interest and with stipulated agreements.

“The bill also looks at the rights of the ‘Oga’ and the trainee. The ultimate objective is to create employments as well as improve trade and commerce in the state,” he said.

Contributing, Mr Patrick Okafor, Member representing Onitsha North Constituency ll, said that the bill would restore confidence in the Igbo aprenticeship system.

“When there is no law, there is always abuse. With this bill, the apprenticeship scheme will become attractive again as many youths will be encouraged.

“Most people, who passed through this system, learnt the secret of becoming successful through their masters.

“Many billionaires and millionaires today are products of ‘Igba Boi’ scheme,” he said.

Ms Nkechi Ogbuefi, Member representing Anaocha Constituency l, said that the bill would help to create self-reliant youths and employers of labour, who would contribute to the gross domestic product of the state.

The Speaker of the assembly, Dr Somtochukwu Udeze, said that the bill was  laudable as it bothered on youth employment and economic development.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the bill was committed to the assembly’s joint committees on judiciary and justice, and commerce, trade and industry for further deliberations.

The committees are to report back to the whole assembly a month’s time.

The assembly adjourned until March 22.


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