Reps summon Minister, Perm.Sec. over $300m antimalarial funds


By Aluta News

March 19, 2024

The House of Representatives Committee on Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis has summoned the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof.Mohammed Pate, over alleged misappropriation of 300 million dollars antimalarial funds.

Rep. Amobi Ogah, the Chairman of the Committee read the resolutions in Abuja on Tuesday.

Ogah expressed the displeasure over the absence of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry at the resumed sitting of the committee on Tuesday.

“The Committee has resolved that the Permanent Secretary be arrested if she failed to honour the summons, having failed to appear for three times.

“Malaria is now an epidemic in Nigeria. The government has always wanted to help the people but most times the civil servants are our problem.

“This money has been made available since 2021. We have been inviting the Permanent Secretary. This is the third time we are inviting her to come and explain to us what has happened.

“Have they used the money? If they have not used the money, where is the money? It is a matter of simple explanation. But they have been running away, calling all manner of people to talk to us,” he said


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