100 Days In Office: Ohafia LGA Secretariat Wears New Look As Roads, Offices Are Reconstructed, Portable, Others Provided


100 Days In Office: Ohafia LGA Secretariat Wears New Look As Roads, Offices Are Reconstructed, Portable, Others Provided

By Aluta News
March 15, 2024

The Ohafia Local Government Area Secretariat located at Ebem-Ohafia, now wears a new look as the premises which used to look like a jungle as a result of accumulated years of neglect is now witnessing a turnaround as many buildings have been renovated.

The Local Government Council Secretariat which used to be plagued by lack of amenities has suddenly bounced back to reckoning as a result of the efforts of the Mayor of Ohafia L.G.A., Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex MFR, OON “Ugo’Ena” Nde Abiriba.

Some offices and projects that have been renovated and retrofitted includes: Mayor’s Office, Mayor’s Conference room, Deputy Mayor’s office, and offices of some principal staff.

Other completed project at the secretariat includes: Borehole and water system rehabilitation, construction of stantion and water reticulation in the secretariat and rehabilitation of Uzo Nde Okoronta.

The Mayor while speaking to newsmen explained that it was pertinent to embark on the renovation and rehabilitation of the various structures and offices as they were in deplorable and dilapidated condition. He also emphasised on plans to secure the parameters of the Council premises to ensure security and safety of workers and property. He opined that the purpose of leadership is development and transformation while promising to give the Local Government Council Secretariat a new look to make it very conducive for workers to improve productivity.

The Mayor also disclosed that the entire project is being handled by the works department of the local government council. He explained that the decision not to involve an external contractor is to give the department of works a sense of belonging and the opportunity to exhibit their expertise as they come to practical with present construction practices, while helping them improve on their existing knowledge.

The various buildings currently undergoing renovation include:
Women development centre, Local Government Chapel, Multipurpose hall, Ohafia LGA Council of traditional rulers hall/ HOS block, Federal block, recovery and rebuilding of the football field which had been turned into farmlands.

Other ongoing projects are: Rehabilitation of internal road with kerbs and interlocking stones phase one and provision of walk ways with interlocking stones and desilting of all the gutters in the Council Secretariat which were all blocked—resulting to the ravaging effects of erosion menace.

The Mayor explained that the project will be in phases as the next phase will ensure the renovation of other structures including the Legislative Building and other offices.

In addition to the newly renovated and fully furnished offices, our correspondent observed contractors equipped with various machinery, including graders, at the council headquarters, conducting tasks such as grading internal roads, ongoing interlocking of stone pavements, reconstruction of the football field pitch, among other activities.

Commenting on this, a resident of Ebem Ohafia Community, Mrs. Grace Kalu, a retired teacher and a house wife, attributed the development to the commitment of the leadership of the Mayor of Ohafia L.G.A. of whom she said was showing transparency and purposefulness in the leadership of the council area, noting that everybody was happy with the “achievements of the Mayor in his 100 days in office”.

Mr Ndukwe Orji, an indigene of the Local Government Area from Nkporo Community described what he saw at the Council Secretariat as “impressive and transformational”, applauding the Mayor of the Council Area for transforming the Secretariat within few months in office.

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