Stakeholder canvasses increased government investment in renewable energy


Stakeholder canvasses increased government investment in renewable energy

By Aluta News

JRB Solar Investment Ltd, a stakeholder in the energy sector have called for increased government investment in renewable energy to close the gap of electricity deficiency in the country.

The stakeholder made the call on Tuesday while addressing newsmen on the need to provide affordable electricity supply to rural dwellers across the country.

Mr Theophilus Enemali, the Corporate Commutations Officer said that there is a need to begin to see solar energy not as an alternative but the major source electricity in the country.

“We want to make a clarion call to the government to increase investment in indigenous renewable energy in Nigeria.

“We can close the electricity gap in the country especially in rural communities, underserved communities and even unserved communities.

“We are a firm believer in the gains of collective action between the private sector and the public sector; as a matter of fact, we are stepping into something very big and that is why we are calling on government to increase the investment in renewable energy sector,” he said.

He said that there are partnership with private sector players in Europe and China to commence assembling as well as manufacturing of renewable energy products in Nigeria.

According to him, this is a game changer, we will no longer be importers of renewable energy products but net exporters of renewable energy products to other countries specifically focusing on West Africa and other parts of the continent.

He said that it was time Nigeria sets realisable targets to make renewable energy a major source of electricity like in Germany and Egypt.

“So we are making a clarion call on the government because on June 23, the Electricity Bill was signed; in the Act, there is a clause that enables corporate organisations, even individuals, state and local governments to engage in generation of electricity distribution and also transmission.

“So this will be a game changer, if government will match the action of this Electricity Act by investing in renewable energy, Nigerians hope to have over 80 per cent of the renewable energy contributing to the national grid by 2030 will be realised,” he said.

The Solar Project Coordinator, Mrs Clementina Kelechi called for tax waivers for corporate organisations involved in manufacturing renewable energy products in the country.

She said that there is a need to promote consumption of local product of renewable energy products.

“Just imagine that we are manufacturing in this country and the Federal Government recommends that our local products should be used for any construction for any installation in this country. I think that will go a long way in improving our economy.

“We are not calling for abolishment of importation entirely but a situation whereby most of our installations, we do them with our local products; that will encourage every other person, every other company to go into that manufacturing.

“But in a situation whereby we produce and we still do not believe in our local products and we go outside the country to buy, I do not think that will encourage us.

“If the Federal Government can provide funding, for local fabrication factories that will go a long way in helping us to improve in whatever we are doing,” she said.

Also, Mr Prince Bernard, the Head of Solar Department, said that there is a project in Palita village in Gwagwalada Area Council of the FCT with about 150 kilowatt peak PV capacity with 384 kilowatts of energy storage system.

He said that there is an ongoing one megawatt project at the Federal Head of Service to be commission next month.

“Now this system is actually a one megawatt solution, but it’s splitted into two phases. And right now, phase one is ongoing with a capacity of 500 kilowatt and a battery storage capacity of 400 kilowatt hour.

“Now the phase one is actually ongoing and soon will be commissioned, maybe the next month, and the phase two actually will commence soon,” he said.

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