Group wants Gov Alia to sanction violators of ban on political gatherings


Group wants Gov Alia to sanction violators of ban on political gatherings

By Aluta News

Benue Alliance for Good Governance (BAGG) and Benue Open Governance Society (BOGS) have strongly condemned the recent violent assault on innocent Makurdi residents.

The two groups in their separate press statement signed by their conveners and made available to newsmen in Makurdi also called for the prosecution of perpetrators and alleged sponsors the act.

They also said those behind the violent conduct had brazenly flout the law and directives of the Governor, thereby endangering public safety and challenging the authority of the State.

Dr Aondoakaa Asambe, Convener,
Benue Alliance for Good Governance (BAGG) said despite the explicit directives of Gov Hyacinth Alia prohibiting all political gatherings due to security concerns, some individuals tried to flout the order.

He said the persons went ahead to organise a gathering of hoodlums in the name of party stakeholders, in flagrant defiance of the Governor’s order.

“This reckless defiance resulted in a violent incursion into the state capital, leaving numerous individuals injured and causing widespread chaos.

“BAGG is deeply troubled by the recurring pattern of certain individuals causing public disruption whenever they are denied access to public resources.

“These same actors have a history of inciting insurrection against past administrations, demonstrating a blatant disregard for the rule of law and the stability of Benue State.”

He said Gov Alia must take decisive action to bring an end to these unlawful acts.

Also Mr Samuel Agwa, Convener, Benue Open Governance Society (BOGS) said the disruption of socio-economic life in Makurdi following the flouting of orders of the Governor was a matter of deep concern.

“For many hours socio-economic activities halted with tear gas and arrant exchange of fisticuffs and other violent activities that reportedly affected even ordinary citizens that were caught up in the crises.

“The Government of Benue State must not be seen as a government for APC alone, hence evidently those behind the public disturbance of 1st March 2024 be fully identified and prosecuted.

“This will send a message across that members of APC cannot do anything and have a free passage even when such actions undermine constituted authority and mar public order. Governance must be separated from partisan politics.

“On the part of Benue State Government, decisive actions needs to be put in place in mobilizing every idea or resource that will see to fully ridding our communities of the militant invaders now and at all times. Community gatekeepers must continue to clamour appropriate levels of local and national solidarity in their various enclaves, working fully with the Benue State Government.”they said

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