Cancer :  CGC Adeniyi, Baba Ahmed, Abdullahi to Attend Launch Of Hassy’s Foundation in Kaduna



Cancer :  CGC Adeniyi, Baba Ahmed, Abdullahi to Attend Launch Of Hassy’s Foundation in Kaduna

By Aluta News
February 22, 2024


The National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment disclosed that Nigeria records over 120,000 new cases of cancer annually and the disease is one of the major health concerns in the country.


The Institute further disclosed that cancer affects 28% of the nation’s population either directly or through family members, adding that these alarming statistics call for urgent action.


‘’In 2020, an estimated 78,000 Nigerians succumbed to cancer-related complications, with 44,699 females and 34,200 males affected,’’ the Institute further revealed.


In order to raise awareness on the disease and mitigate the impact of cancer, Hassy’s Haven Foundation will be launched on Saturday, February 25, 2024, as a platform for advocacy towards improving access to treatment and research.


A statement issued by the Planning Committee, also said that the Foundation aims to also provide support to affected individuals, particularly girls, orphans, widows, and the less privileged.

The Committee disclosed that prominent Nigerians like the Comptroller General of Custom Bashir Wale Adeniyi, Mall Isiyaku Abdullahi MD PPMC lagos and Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed are among dignitaries expected at the launch of the foundation.


The statement pointed out that ‘’one major challenge that patients face is the inadequate cancer treatment equipment in Nigeria, especially in the Northwest region, as hospitals lack radiotherapy machines.’’


The statement further said that the ‘’ patients are faced with no option or than to seek treatment in the few and far between medical facilities that have cancer treatment equipment, thereby incurring substantial transportation, accommodation and feeding costs.’’


‘’Most patients can not afford modern technologies like Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) because they are expensive,’’ the statement added.


According to the Planning Committee, Hassy’s Haven Foundation will advocate for policies that address these challenges, and the inclusion of cancer treatment in the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), to alleviate the burden on patients and their families.


The Foundation will emphasize the importance of regular health check-ups for early detection, adding that ‘’we urge all Nigerians to prioritize their health and seek medical attention promptly, as early intervention can positively impact on the treatment of cancer-related diseases.’’


The statement said that that the Foundation is optimistic that ‘’together, with the support of stakeholders, we aspire to record strides in the fight against cancer and create a healthier future for all Nigerians.’’

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