World Cancer Day: Hassy’s Haven Foundation Stands Strong in the Fight Against Cancer


World Cancer Day: Hassy’s Haven Foundation Stands Strong in the Fight Against Cancer

By Aluta News
February 04, 2024

As the world observes the 2024 global cancer community’s World Cancer Day on February 4, under the theme “Close the care gap,” Hassy’s Haven Foundation aligns its efforts to raise awareness and take action.

Press Statement by Hassy’s Haven Foundation:

Cancer has emerged as a pressing health concern in Nigeria, impacting 28 per cent of the population directly or through their families.

According to the National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, Nigeria witnesses over 120,000 new cases of cancer annually.

In 2020 alone, an estimated 78,000 Nigerians succumbed to cancer-related complications, with 44,699 females and 34,200 males affected, emphasizing the urgent need for proactive measures.

Taking a Stand: Hassy’s Haven Foundation is resolute in its commitment to disrupt the impact of cancer in Nigeria.

Our focus includes raising awareness, advocating for improved access to treatment and research, and providing support to affected individuals, particularly girls, orphans, widows, and the less privileged.

Challenges faced:

A significant challenge is the inadequacy of cancer treatment equipment in Nigeria, notably in the North-West region, where the absence of radiotherapy machines poses a formidable obstacle.

This situation compels patients to endure long journeys incurring substantial costs for transportation, accommodation, and feeding.

Modern technologies like Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) remain out of reach for many due to their capital-intensive nature.

Advocacy and Call to Action:

Hassy’s Haven Foundation calls for policies addressing these challenges, urging for the inclusion of cancer treatment in the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to alleviate the burden on patients and their families.

The foundation emphasizes the importance of regular health check-ups to detect abnormalities early.

Message to the Nation:

We implore all Nigerians to prioritize their health and seek medical attention promptly, as early intervention can significantly impact the outcome of cancer-related diseases.

Moving Forward:

Together, with the support of stakeholders, Hassy’s Haven Foundation aspires to make significant strides in the fight against cancer and contribute to creating a healthier future for all Nigerians.

Hassy’s Haven Foundation is creating in memory of late Hassana Mohammed Yakubu who died oct.9,2023 after battling with cancer for eight year


Hussaina Mohammed Yakubu,
Founder, Hassy’s Haven Foundation.

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