Inkblot Dominates Prime Video, Nigeria’s Most-Watched Movies of 2023


Inkblot Dominates Prime Video, Nigeria’s Most-Watched Movies of 2023

By Biola Lawal
January 29, 2024

Abuja Four titles from Inkblot Productions reigned supreme on the streaming data released by Shock, showing Amazon Prime Video’s top 30 most popular movies of 2023.

The exciting news was made available to Flowerbudnews by Glazia Magazine, ”the leading lifestyle hub for modern readers’: a Magazine edited by Omawumi Ogbe.

The top 30 list includes both Nollywood and Hollywood films that resonated with Nigerian
audiences throughout the year, and Inkblot had the most representation with four movies –
Palava, Love in a Pandemic, The Blood Covenant and The Set Up 2 – making the list of most streamed movies.

A feat no other studio could pull off in a very competitive year.

According to Shock, the data represents 99% of all viewing on the streamer during that time.
Although the year-long report opened the floodgates to a wealth of information that will give more insight into how Nigerian viewers use the streaming service,

Shock has been tracking and divulging numbers monthly, and Palava and Love in a Pandemic have been prominent fixtures on their lists for a long time.

Furthermore, Inkblot titles such as Big Love and No Way Through dominated the lists in Quarter 4 but didn’t quite make the final list due to the December 2023 cutoff.

“This is interesting. It goes to show how Inkblot has been able to blend the consumerism and
appeal of Prime Video audiences,” said Akintunde Damilare, co-founder of Shock.

“They have also scaled up their operations and been able to meet the demands and preferences of Nigeria’s Prime Video subscribers.

Akintunde further mentioned that the list is also used as a metric of the top 10 from Flix Patrol.

“It also means that at a various point of the year, you had an Inkblot title on the Top 10 table at a particular point of the day, week or month throughout 2023, which is a very good signal that the stories from Inkblot are getting better and are now being acknowledged by the consumers.”

the film added. Heist drama “Brotherhood” topped the chart, followed closely by Femi Adebayo’s “King of Thieves” and Funke Akindele’s “Battle on Buka Street”.

For Inkblot, “Palava” and “Love In Pandemic” reigned in the top 10.

Inkblot’s numbers come as no surprise, as the production house accounted for 2023’s critically acclaimed titles, beloved among audiences and movie critics.

It also highlights the importance of a strong and diverse film slate, as well as strategic release planning. With Inkblot’s continued success and determination to blaze the trail in impactful storytelling and blockbusters,
moviegoers can expect exciting offerings in the coming years.

When asked to respond to this story, Inkblot highlighted its notable presence in the top 30
movies despite the stiff competition and the harsh economic realities. In the words of Inkblot

Co-founder Damola Ademola, “We are thrilled to have seen our titles heavily present in this list.
Our diverse lineup of films resonated with audiences, and we are grateful for their continued support.

This achievement is thanks to the hard work and talent of our partners, cast, and crew.

Our focus has always been on providing memorable and impactful storytelling, and we will continue to do so in the future,” he added.

Meanwhile, in what was a rude shock to movie lovers on the continent, Amazon recently
announced it was cutting funding to Africa and the Middle East, stating that it was part of a
restructure to prioritize its resources “on what matters most to customers.”

With this development, will local production companies across the MEA including Inkblot
Productions, whose three-year deal with Amazon was due to run out in 2024, need to seek out other streaming partners or will the high demand for Nollywood content see Amazon Prime continue to license such titles for the foreseeable future

Source : Flowerbud

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