Primate tasks entertainers, media practitioners on patriotism


Primate tasks entertainers, media practitioners on patriotism

By Aluta News

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Archbishop Henry Ndukuba has urged practitioners in media and entertainment industry to project Nigeria in good light.

Ndukuba who made the call at a media parley in Abuja, said that there is a need to emulate practitioners who portray tourism and investment potentials of their countries in movies and in the news.

The cleric said most practitioners in Nigeria project things that do not speak well of the country and does not attract foreign investment.

According to him, rather than engaging in things that we bring those bad names, the press should always present Nigeria in a good light.

“I think that the journalism of the pre independence I believe, is the type of journalism we need now in order to redeem the image of our country.

“Go for the things that we make for the building up and unity and progress and prosperity of our nation,” he said.

Ndukuba, however, acknowledged said that the celebration of the 2023 Christmas is being done in the context of much anxiety, stress and challenges.

He observed that the prices of commodities are so high including the cost of transport saying that ordinary things that were hitherto, easily affordable are gradually getting out of the reach of the common man.

The primate decried the security situation in the country and expressed concern over bad roads in the country and the state of infrastructure in general that we have.

He, however, expressed hope in the President Bola Tinubu’s administration saying that with the 2024 budget being considered by the National Assembly, there is hope for the country.

Ndukuba warned against “weaponisation of religious identity” which he said is responsible for the inclusion or exclusion of some sections of the country.

According to him, weaponisation of religious identity leads to attacks, discrimination, to subdue and to control people.

“As the scripture says, perfect love casts out fear. If the love of God is shared among us as human persons, I am believing God that I will treat my brother or my sister no matter where he or she is coming from with respect and with love; love is to seek that the best be done for him or her.

“And if there is anything, especially in our country in this season of lack, in this time of stress, is the need for us to care for one another, bear one another’s burden and help each other both as citizens and as leaders, whether religious or political in all our communities.

“Let us pursue the things that make for peace, because we are celebrating the best of the Prince of Peace for He has come to reconcile us with one another and with God and to make peace reign on earth,” he said.

Ndukuba prayed that the celebration of 2023 will usher in a season of peace in Nigeria and safety for all the citizens and dwellers therein.

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