Super Eagles possess talent, capacity to succeed at AFCON, says Aghahowa


By Aluta News

Dec 5, 2023

match and be well prepared. Once every they sort that out, the rest will bean history.

“The players can do it, and I believe in them, but that commitment and resilience the game is a must win should be added to their mentality,” he said.

Aghahowa also admitted that it might not be realistic to win all matches, yet adequate preparations and commitment must be shown in case the results didn’t go as planned.

“Our players should be able to beat their chest that they did all they could in case the match did not go as planned.

“The fans themselves will see the outcome that they tried but didn’t get the result. But in another scenario, when they play without sweat and lose the game, that is not what we want.

`Playing with commitment is for their good as well and for the country. If we miss the World Cup, many things are at stake for the economy, media, tour, sm and othe and s, companies won’t bring their money.

“Losing the World Cup ticket is not a win win situation, because I can see that other smaller countries are beginning to have gutt to come to Nigeria and hope to win us here, we don’t want that,” he said.


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