Anglican dioceses of Abuja @34 holds carnival for Christ


Anglican dioceses of Abuja @34 holds carnival for Christ

By Aluta News

The Diocese of Abuja, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) on Saturday, held a carnival for Christ to mark the 34th anniversary of the diocese.

The carnival which brought all rural and urban parishes together is titled “In the Days of His Power.”

The Primate of the Church, Archbishop Henry Naukuba said that the carnival was to give glory to God for preserving the diocese and for ministry and mission of the church.

He said that the theme of the carnival also speaks to current situation of Nigeria saying that God manifests His might the most when situations are worst as it was in the days of Moses and Elijah.

“We are trusting God that in our days, God is raising a people once again as the word of God comes to us, God will move again in our mist, God, He raise the people, God will fight our battles and take away our problems, and He will intervene in our situations.

“So this carnival we celebrate the faithfulness of God and we raise our voices of supplication and of pleading with the God of heaven that He might intervene in the situations of our lives of our families and of this nation.

“We are trusting God that Nigeria will rise up again, God will manifest His glory and power and in our cities in the days of His power.

“He will stair the hearts of the people to work with one another and to work with God and we pray that God will visit us again and bless Nigeria,” he said.

Ndukuba congratulated the clergy and all the faithfuls of the diocese of Abuja praying Hod to keep all Nigerians into the new year.

Also speaking, the Bishop of Niger Delta, Dr Emmanuel Oko-JaJa said that Nigerians should look forward with Hope saying that God does not change and He capacity to turn situation around.

He however, charged Nigerians to serve God in righteousness, holiness and in truth knowing that God will fight visible and invisible battles.

“I trust God will not only do it for us, He will do for our family people will do for the country, Nigeria.

“In this confusing moment, God will show His greatness because this is the day of His power, I encourage Nigeria not to lose hope because God has done it before and He will do it again.

“That we are living in a situation that looks like things are not working does not mean that God will not do it again.

“Therefore, let’s love one another, keep faith and ensure that peace we prevail in this country,” he said.

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