First flight with U.S. aid for Gaza to arrive in Egypt – White House


By Aluta News

Nov. 28, 2023

The first of three U.S. humanitarian aid flights for Gaza will arrive in North Sinai in Egypt and will be delivered to the enclave by the United Nations (UN).

A senior Biden administration official said during a press briefing that “tomorrow, we will have the first of three relief flights that are facilitated by the unique capabilities of the U.S. military that will be arriving in North Sinai in Egypt.

“This will be to bring a series of items, medical items, food aid, winter items, given that winter is coming in Gaza, for the civilian population, and these will be delivered by the United Nations to civilians in need in Gaza,’’ the official said on Monday.

The official said two more flights will arrive in Egypt in the coming days while the Biden administration continues to work with regional partners on how to increase the flow of aid to Gaza.

Since Oct. 21, more than 2000 trucks with humanitarian aid have crossed the border into Gaza at the Rafah crossing, the official added.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has so far resulted in the death of nearly 1,200 people in Israel and nearly 15,000 people in Gaza as well as the West Bank since Oct. 7, with thousands wounded in the Palestinian enclaves.


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