Reps committee to probe N62bn FG intervention fund


Reps committee to probe N62bn FG intervention fund


By Aluta News

The House Committee on HIV/AIDS, Tuberclosis, Leprosy and Malaria has resolved to investigate the utilisation of N62 billion Federal Government intervention funds invested into the HIV/AIDS control programmes.

The Chairman of the committee, Rep. Amobi Ogah (LP-Abia) made this known during the committee oversight function in Abuja.

At the oversight visit to health related agencies in the FCT, Ogah said that donor funds by Global Funds plugged into control under former President Muhammadu Buhari will also be investigated.

The chairman expressed worry over the data and statistics compiled by the National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA) on the prevalence of the HIV/AIDS in various states of the federation.

Ogah said according to the data, the data presented showed that in most states of the federation, two out of 10 and 3 of 15 persons sampled and tested had contacted the deadly HIV/AIDS disease.

He, however, expressed optimism on the fight against deadly diseases in the country given the successes and achievements recorded by the agency.

Ogah pledged the committee’s commitment to support NACA and other disease control programmes in the country.

He expressed the disappointment of committee at the absence of the Coordinators National Tuberclosis and Leprosy Control Programme as well as that of National Malaria Control Programme at the time of the visit.

He said that their being absent after they were duly informed by the committee’ of the visit showed that they “have disdain for the National Assembly.”

He expressed fury over the absence of the National Coordinators despite notification of the visit and said that the House Committee would do a through review of to the agencies enabling laws.

He added that rather than the politicians, the caliber of heads of government agencies and institutions is the major problem of the nation.

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