Archbishop Akinwande calls for equitable distribution of national resources


Archbishop Akinwande calls for equitable distribution of national resources

By Aluta News

Archbishop Michael Akinwale of the Cathedral of Unity, Methodist Church Nigeria, Dioceses of Abuja has recommended equitable distribution of national resources to attain common development.

The metropolitan archbishop made the recommendation on Sunday in an interview with newsmen on the sideline of 2023 Adult Harvest Thanksgiving of the church in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the harvest and thanksgiving is “God of All Possibilities.”

Akinwale said that for all parts of Nigeria to attain a uniform development, government and citizens must play their roles patriotically.

“The leaders have the role to ensure that our resources are distributed evenly, creates job opportunity for our young ones and the unemployed, and make sure that we fight corruption to standstill.

“It is very important because in a situation where a single Nigerian have billions of Naira in his account, and others are languishing that is not acceptable.

“Governace must provide the basic necessities of life to the citizen, such as shelter, such as water, such as food on our table.

“Nigeria is so blessed that we do not have any business with poverty; that is the truth of the matter.

“If there is equity, in the distribution of our wealth, and the government itself is proactive and faithful and truthful, I am sure most of these challenges will be a thing of the past.

The cleric said that the citizen also have the duty of being truthful and patriotic at all times saying that Nigeria resources are our commonwealth.

Akinwale said that Nigeria is a collective responsibility and the all citizen has a role to play to bring about that desired change.

The Chairman of the Harvest Committee, Ms Offonmbuk Akpabio said that the occasion was an opportunity for all to give thanks to God for his goodness and mercies.

She said though there are a lot of challenges in the country, Nigerians have many reasons to give thanks to God especially for peace

“And when you look at January, February, up to now, we are still standing in the land of the living is worthy of praise is worthy of thanksgiving.

“First of all, we should thank God that we are alive; if we go to the ICU there are people who will want to be given an opportunity to move around. And then again, we thank God for hope.

“Hope gives us that assurance that tomorrow is going to be brighter; we are not too bad off than there are other people who war-torn areas.

“I do not want to go political but would you rather trade places with people who are going through all manner of things in Gaza? We can hear the people going through things in Ukraine, but God has shown us mercy so we have to be thankful.

“And in that thankfulness is the hope that tomorrow is going to be better. Thanks very much,” Akpabio said.

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