Senate appoints Moro as minority leader, Ngwu, minority chief whip


By Aluta News

Nov. 21, 2023

The Senate on Tuesday appointed Sen. Abba Moro (PDP- Benue) as minority leader and Sen. Osita Ngwu(PDP-Enugu) as minority chief whip.

Moro replaced Sen. Simon Mwadkwon (Plateau –North) who was sacked by the Court of Appeal, while
Ngwu replaced Sen. Dalington Nwokocha (LP-Abia) also sacked by the Appeal Court.

President of Senate, Godswill Akpabio who announced the new leaders said their appointment was based on the endorsement of the minority senators.

He said 41 senators endorsed for Moro’s appointment, while 31 senators endorsed Ngwu’s appointment.

However, Sen Okey Ezeh(LP-Enugu) citing a point of order opposed the appointment of Ngwu as Minority Chief Whip, saying that it was unfair for the seven LP Senators that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lawmakers were given all minority positions.

He said that the minority caucus had only resolved to adopt Morro as the minority leader, while the meeting on who became the minority chief whip would continue at a later time.

Sen.Tony Nwoye (LP-Anambra) alleged that the senate leadership was complicit in the selection of minority leaders.

Nwoye said the minority parties deserved the right to choose their leaders without undue influence and interference.

Sen. Adamu Alero (PDP-Kebbi) said the minority caucus had held a meeting nominating Morro as the new minority leader and mandated him to present the signatories of minority senators who endorsed him as the minority leader.

“On the nomination of the minority chief whip, two nominees were presented; signatories are still been collated. Another meeting was scheduled to conclude the process of nomination of a minority chief whip,” he said.

Alero said the minority caucus was yet to mandate him to present a nomination for the position of minority chief whip.

Akpabio, however, said he announced the minority leadership positions based on the information and documents presented to him.

He said that 41 signatories endorsed Moro as new minority leader, while nomination of Ngwu had 31 senators who signed in support of his nomination.

Akpabio said he had ruled over their nominations and appointment.

“Any senator who has a contrary motion on the ruling should follow the senate rule and come up with a counter motion,” he said.


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